Brief review: Hello Kitty cafe, Adelaide!

Some of the best news I’ve ever heard: there is now a Hello Kitty cafe in my city! I love all things cute and of course Hello Kitty fits neatly into that category. I also love food. So to combine both of these is a dream come true for me – not so much for my poor boyfriend who has been repeatedly dragged there in the last few weeks alone.

The cafe is definitely cute of course, but in a more mature way than you might expect. There is very little pink; the colour scheme is a surprising gold and chocolate-brown theme, but with fun touches: glittery couches, little Hello Kitty touches everywhere, grand mirrors, and cute staff outfits. It’s theatrical enough to be ‘themed’ and to make the visit worthwhile, but not too over the top that you can’t go there regularly and just sit down for a quick coffee.

Here’s a kind of embarrassing confession: on my first visit I ordered three separate dessert dishes. I first ordered macarons and a green-tea frappuccino with red beans first; I then ate half of my boyfriend’s creme brulee (it’s actually really good, and tastes home made) and then also ordered the green tea-flavour version of the creme brulee, which I absolutely loved.

Something that adds to the fun experience is the dish names: for example, my frappuccino was called ‘Hello Kitty loves Dear Daniel’ on the menu. Sounds weird ordering it out loud though. Overall I would definitely recommend visiting at least once if you live in Adelaide or are visiting; the cafe is in the city near the Central Markets and is very easy to get to. The only annoying thing about the visit was their $15 eftpos minimum!

Creme brulee with ice cream and a biscuit

Creme brulee with ice cream and a biscuit

Green tea and red bean frappuccino

Green tea and red bean frappuccino


Cappuccino and more macarons! I was making such an awkward face, but at least you can see my favourite Wheels and Dollbaby cardi


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